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Tarik Afiouni, who began Balhas Pastry in 1991, has had a passion for pastry making since his early teens. He recalls himself as a young boy avoiding school, and would always be found watching pastry makers work from their shop front windows. Eagerly, he found positions with several renowned pastry shops in Lebanon, and strived to create quality sweets, in which he did with great passion. Tarik aims to bring that passion into all the pastries that he creates, and aims to keep the Lebanese tradition alive in Australia.

Since 1991, Balhas Pastry has been satisfying their customers' gourmet fantasies with the most tempting homemade traditional Lebanese pastries. Renowned for their use of only the finest quality of products, the family run business has been supplying Melbournians with lebanese pastries for 18 years.  Balha's Pastry ShopMr Afiouni prides himself on consistently aiming to produce some of the finest pastries Melbourne has to offer, and never compromises on quality.

Balhas Pastry offers a range of tempting delights – ranging from traditional Lebanese pastries, to displays of delectable biscuits, continental desserts & luscious ice-cream, which is made during the summer, made using only 100% fruit. Balhas is also renowned for producing great coffee. The store features a spacious seating area upstairs, and café style seating outside, so whatever the occasion, Balhas can cater to your needs.

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